Viva Barcelona!

There are so many things happening in my life it would be a sin not to document it all. As such, here I am. I’ve been vacationing in Barcelona, Spain now ever since December 7th of last year, with a month-long detour to Nice, France in June of this year. While I’ve had unforgettable experiences here in the south, met some incredible people, I have to say the aimless wondering has to stop. Vacation is over, time to get back to work.

“So, back to Estonia”, you ask? As much as I do miss my cloudy homeland of shy people, the answer is no. Or rather, hopefully not. You see the thing is I’ve got no money. No money means I can only do this away-from-home thing for so long until I have to return to my safety net that is a friends couch 3,500km away. To make money, one needs a job.

“But that is easy”, you say. “You’re a software engineer”, you say. Well, I’m no genius that all the companies all over the world are raving over to get. In fact, I’m merely average, I would say. I would really like the chance to get to that seniority level of amazing craftwork at the next place of work, if anyone would grant me that wish.

You see I’ve been job searching here in Barcelona for over 2 months now. Each company has a different amount of steps to pass, test jobs to do and so forth. It all is very dizzying and just when I think I got something, I get that email that starts all-so-positive, but ends with a “But we chose to go with another candidate”. I start to question my skill, personality and my morale starts dropping with each rejection, as is normal for anyone struggling to find a job I suppose.

Regardless, I take my beatings and carry on. After all, I acknowledge that this city has a massive amount of competition in comparison to the capital of Estonia with 400 thousand population to 1.6 million that we have here. Not only that, but stupid me is doing a job search at peak vacation time, where nobody is at the office and companies are all on autopilot, or so it would seem.

I’m in the middle of a few companies right now which are promising and September is just around the corner. If I was a betting man, I’d say the search will soon be over. I would be very delighted if this living in Spain thing would work out.