Will work for money

December 28, 2019

Hi there! I’m Asko, chief software engineer around these parts of the internet. I’m behind this little two-man racket, kicking bugs and taking features. Jokes aside, the real news here is that we are open for business. Code business. Whether you are a digital agency, a start-up or any sort of company in-need of engineers, we can quite possibly help out with that. So get in touch and let’s fill up the calendar.

A little history

Honestly, there isn’t that much history given that Digital Baboon is just about 1 month old at this point, but I can give you a little story I guess. About one and a half years ago I was wandering the streets of Barcelona, Spain, and I happened to get hired by a local renewable energy company called GreenPowerMonitor. I wasn’t a contractor then. Digital Baboon certainly didn’t exist yet. I was just your regular salaried employee.

Fast forward 6 months and I found myself wanting to move back to my home country, but I didn’t want to change jobs. I liked my colleagues and the work we were doing too much. Thankfully I had a super cool boss who had nothing against remote work and so I moved to my home country and I kept the job. Except now I worked as a contractor for them.

Fast forward another 6 months or so and I suddenly realized that all I have now is just this one client and there’s no employee protection anymore. I don’t get a huge lump of cash when being let go. I get nothing once I’m declared redundant or my job is finished. I’ve never much cared for networking, but I have made a few friends along the way in my ~10-year career, so I started thinking how could I make sure I will be fine when this client of mine eventually stops being a client of mine.

Then an idea struck me; what if instead of being self-employed, I would open up a small company and take on multiple clients? Then it won’t hurt as much when one of my clients disappears. And long story short; I did. I also hired a good friend of mine, Kevin, who’ll be walking senior engineer shoes soon enough. It hasn’t been even a full month since the ink on incorporation papers dried and we’re doing pretty good so far.

What kind of stuff do you do?

All kinds of stuff. Web development (front-end and back-end), API development, mobile app development and whatever fits in-between. You can check the about page for more information on languages and frameworks that we have experience with. Keep in mind though that we’re not only limited to those languages and frameworks, we can pretty much do anything, but if it’s not on the list – it’ll cost you about ~2 weeks of invoicing just so we could get up to speed with your tech stack.

Carry on!

And that's the gist of it. 2020 will be a hell of a year. Stay tuned for more.