Promo Tooted

January 7, 2020

With our pleasure, we introduce to the world our client Dot Capital's newest project, Promo Tooted, which has launched to Estonian markets as of today. We've made the entire thing, design, and development.

While we mostly don't get the chance to do full website solutions like this and we rarely ever do design (partly because none of us here is a designer, and I only make designs once under a blue moon, like in this case), we do like the occasional challenge and making something completely from scratch is thing of joy.

The home page

The client wished for a simple, bloat-free and straight-forward experience where the showcase of the products sold is listed on the front page of the site with a category switcher that does not take the user to a new page.

The product page

Following in the same spirit, the product page itself is minimalist, with playful animations and clear-contrasted content putting the users' eyes exactly where they need to be.

The contact page

We were adamant that the home page of the site would be kept about what the site itself is about instead of blasting it full with information that the potential customer doesn't care about. Thus, all the actual information about the company is on the contact page. Cleanly designed, showcasing what the site is about, who is behind it, who are their clients and how to get in touch. I think it achieves all the mission goals of the site and I wish them great success with it.