Introducing: Cash Goals

While patiently waiting to start work at my new gig, I decided to dig out a list of things I've wanted to build for myself for the longest of time (see the About page) and start typing away.  I'm happy to say that with about a week of work, Cash Goals, a simple app that lets you create financial goals and keep...
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This past year has been the most difficult year I've ever lived. The amount of stress I've put myself through is mind-blowing and, truth be told, I've come close to a mental breakdown more than once. It all started way back in December of 2017 when I came to Barcelona, Spain, to blow off some steam from...
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What The Heck Is TypeScript?

Now, as a prelude I want to let everybody know that I'm late to the party, as always. The only information that my brain captured about it over the years is that it, apparently, compiles to JavaScript. Why even do this? Why not just write JavaScript? To find out answers to my many questions, I set out sail to Google...
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