Barcelona, Spain (+34) 664 02 61 47

Hi there! I go by the pseudonym digital baboon.

I'm a full-stack swiss-knife type of a web developer from Estonia, currently residing in Barcelona, Spain. I have quite a bit of experience under my belt and am currently looking for a long-term place to hang my hat at. Oh and my real name's Nomm Asko.

A tiny bit of history

I started out with modifying WordPress themes to fit client needs, moving my way up the food chain to developing WordPress themes and plugins from scratch. Along the way I familiarized myself with REST API's, front-end & back-end frameworks such as Angular, Vue and Laravel, basics of UI / UX and responsive design. Today I'm a proud full-stack developer that, just like a double-agent in a spy film, loves working both sides.

Let's get into specifics, shall we?

Technologies I have experience with

Where I've been all these years

My working experience, from recent to not-so-recent.

Barcelona, Spain (+34) 664 02 61 47